A bit of a prompt & some very random fiction

The prompt: “Close your eyes and write about what immediately pops into your head”.  Okay, here goes..

The skies were cloudy – it was going to rain. She knew this as sure as she knew that leaving laundry on the line in a storm would be a bad idea. She shielded her eyes against the skies, staring at the grey-blue above her for a moment longer. With a shake of her head, she dropped her hand and turned to the line. She pulled the clothespins and dropped them and the freshly dried sheets into the basket she carried.

She turned with a smile as a voice behind her said, “I don’t know why you hang those out here. You have a very capable dryer inside.” “I like the scent the fresh air leaves,” she pulled the last sheet, then shoved the basket into the arms of the man whom approached her. “You’re welcome to dry the next load yourself.” He laughed and shook his head, then followed her toward house. “Better close the windows,” he commented, glancing up, “It’s going to rain.”



I have no idea where that came from. O_o Oh well! It’s writing of some description and that was the goal. 🙂


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