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Strange dreams last night. Strange, jacked up dreams are the norm for me. Quite a few of them involve some random psychopath killing every stranger in the dream (which stars some male from of .. me, I suppose?). With that said, last night’s dream was odd. I had this friend in high school who passed away. I dreamed that, although she had passed away 20+ years ago, somehow we ended up finding a baby that apparently belonged to her. An infant. My mom and I were caring for this little one (who aged several months at a time as the dream progressed). The parents of the baby’s father(though at the same time, not the father?) found out about him and came to see him. They decided, without informing us, that they were taking the baby. I said something to the effect of ‘No! Bad strangers!’ & baby cried for me & would have nothing to do with them, so they left him with me. He was almost 2 years old at the dream’s end. It was odd.

I’ve been busying myself with rearranging rooms in the house & making jewelry for my shop.

spn bff picks bronze carry on necklace

I would love to expand, pick up new fonts and try them out, so on & so forth. I shall when I have adequate funding to do so. It’s a shame that I’m not getting paid to be a stay.at.home momma. Curse you, former boss, & your illegal ways which put us out of jobs. sigh. Anyway. It gives me more time to focus on my shop & schooling & de.cluttering & harassing my children & ahhhh i’m not used to being home all the time! It’s not that bad, but I have so many goals and nearly all of them require money to make them happen. Ripping out that stupid bathtub is first on my list! Rawr. Yes, I’m a bit all over the place now. I’ll stop with the rambling & go do some homework. Yay.


Nine nine nine!

It’s been a bit. I’ve been sidetracked with not blogging, apparently.

Today’s my baby boy’s 9th birthday! I guess that means he’s not really a baby boy anymore. D,: The curse of parenthood; you’re all “Noooo!” over your kids growing up, but you’re so proud & thrilled that they’re growing up so well. Oh, the feels involved!

He wanted a Minecraft birthday cake (of course), so I made my attempt. It’s a bit messy, but ImageNic doesn’t like fondant, so I had to make everything with cake & icing. He loved it, & it tasted good, so that’s what counts. ^_^

The kids had spring break this past week, & we went to my mommy & daddy’s for a few days. I had a great time, I don’t get to go down there often enough! Mom, Kayla (my bro’s gf) & I spent three days tearing into my mom’s house, getting rid of a bunch of stuff & organizing. Time well spent, mom stays so busy she doesn’t have time to do it all herself, bless her gigantic & loving heart.

So my DIY projects that I wrote about last time? Finished a couple of those. That cabinet I had tried? Re-did that & it came out a bit better than the first attempt. I tore all that icky paper off that I had tried, and just painted the darn cabinet.  Why didn’t I just do that the first time, you ask? Shut up! No, you shut up! Ahem.Image

Um.. obviously I hadn’t done that bottom strip yet. I ended up painting that black. yay.

Boring, boring stuff. That’s what I’m writing about. At least I’m not singing the “Iron Man: Armored Adventures” theme song to you all (which is how I’ve been tormenting my kids all morning, bwaha). Yes, i do love cartoons. Finn & Jake? My fave! & also, Iron Man 3 will be out soon. Let me just say “mrawwwr”. Robert Downy, Jr is my boyfriend, he just doesn’t know it yet. He & Johnny Depp.

Oh, right. I was supposed to do this thing!


http://thegothamite.wordpress.com has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award. ^_^ Very kind of you, danke bunches!

The rules for the Versatile Blog Award are :
1.Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Thank and link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award.
5. Notify these bloggers of the nominations by linking back to one of their specific blog posts so they get notified back.

Seven things about moi? Hmm.

1. My kids are everything to me
2. I listen to all genres of music
3. I worked in childcare for 13 years (up until this past January)
4. I was a photographer before my childcare career
5. I have two brothers and a sister
6.  I make and sell jewelry – steampunk, fan-based, odd pieces
7. I’m a fangirl. haha. I love Doctor Who, Batman, the Joker, Sherlock, Supernatural, & quite a few other fandoms.

Now, I’m to nominate 15 other blogs. (Oh, smurfcicles, I hope I linked these properly. If not.. oops. haha).

1. With Love and Chocolate

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6. Live Life Love Bacon

7. The Dissocial Mom

Okay, that’s only seven, but my kids are “starving, mom, starving!” and dinner just informed me that it wasn’t going to cook itself. Therefore, must go feed the kids before they turn into rabid werecreatures (again). ^_^

Do It Yourself. (No, Make Me.)

I want to punch winter in the face.

Being off work leaves me with lots of free time. That leaves me bored. Rawr, boredom. It’s too cold to go take pics or whatever (punching winter in the face, here). So I’ve been doing some redecorating & DIY type stuff. I painted my living room last week. It was supposed to be grey, but it came out a shade lighter than was intended, so it looks a little like a purple-grey, sometimes. I like it, still, so I’ll stick with that colour. The lighting sucks in this pic, so you can’t really see the proper colouring. siiiigh. Image

I’ve been doing some more killing-time DIY stuff, too. Painted some frames black to go on the grey wall. Did.. uh, some other stuff. I forget, already.

Tried to fix some drawers on a hideous antique chest-of-drawers (which I’m going to paint). Being the genius I can be when my attention span wanders, I grabbed a tube of super glue to toss it out of my wayImage, and didn’t realise it was leaking. So it stuck to my finger before I could get it off. Took me 15 minutes to get the wretched thing off (& with only minimal skin loss).

I started re-doing the front of this two door night stand thing today. I’m new to the DIY fix.it.yourself crap, so I was trying to put this red cardstock stuff on the front, with that mod podge (mod hodge? hedgehog?) stuff. It.. failed. Haha. I really like the colour of the cardstock, and it’s stuck on there, but it bubbled. Glue + cardstock = bubbling. I might pull it all off & re-do it with red contact paper. Or maybe I’ll say “RAAAAWWWR!”, run in circles, kick it twice, and leave it until my borderline obsessive twitchiness kicks in. Then re-do it. See? All bubbly! Rawwwr. Two hours and that’s what I ended up with. Then I tried to do the top. Same result. haha.

ImageI liked the blue that’s on the top (though I had to yank all that hideous gold trim off) but I want it red. My plan is/was to paint black the places where I yanked off the trim. Maybe I’ll just paint the doors instead of papering them or whatever. Maybe I’ll just kick it back out into the garage.

I want to paint my kitchen orange. & blue & red. Yes, all three colours. haha Might look like a bigtop, so I’m still working out how I want it. Maybe I’ll paint the cabinets, and I want to build a coffee table, if I can find the stuff I want to use..

I really need to stop watching DIY network & HDTV.

On the work side: I was offered a position at two different places! yay! But I had to turn them down because my lovely future sis.in.law moved back to her & my brother’s hometown two weekends ago, and I had planned on conning her into watching my wild ones (for pay, of course). Boo. haha. Still waiting to hear from Toyota, now that I’ve taken every test & physical known to man.

My son’s starving again – it’s been almost two hours since he ate last, oh no! – so I shall go toss food in his direction (a.k.a fix dinner). That’s if my daughter doesn’t sneak up on me again & give me another mini heart-attack. I think I’ll ground them both for a million years.

[[Hubby: “I know you’re bored, but we’re on a budget.
You can’t re-do the whole house until you get another job.”
Me: ‘Can I rip out the bathtub?’
Hubby: *headdesk*]]

I’m not sure how to post youtube vids in here. But this one? Perfect for the parents out there. ^_^


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